B1. Nutrase HCX

Nutrase HCX covers a full range of hemicellulases from fungal and bacterial origin suitable for a wide range of applications

Effects of Nutrase HCX on dough and bread properties:

  • Increases baked volume
  • Increases oven rise
  • Improves dough extensibility
  • Improves dough handling properties
  • Fine crumb structure
  • Possible effect on water absorption

B2. Nutrase HCL

Nutrase HCL covers a range of hemicellulase complexes optimized for specific purposes

Effects of Nutrase HCL on dough and bread properties:

  • Enhanced water absorption
  • Improved dough stability and tolerance for e.g. baguettes
  • Improved dough handling in under-hydrated doughs
  • Increased loaf volume for e.g. pan breads
  • Improved extensibility for e.g. flat breads dough