The combination of our broad experience with an in-depth scientific knowledge generally allows us to quickly provide our clients with a complex full service product which is tailor made to their specific flour, their product type and their needs. In addition to these tailor made improvers, we also offer specialties specifically designed for certain applications such as Nutrase BG for baguettes, Nutrase PB for pan breads and Nutrase SF for high sugar/fat breads. These improvers not only enhance the performance of the flour, they often also allow the miller to substitute expensive wheat with a cheaper alternative without loss of functionality. Indeed, in many scenario’s Nutrex improvers can be used in a net cost-saving way.


Nutrase AF

Improver designed to improve the dough handling properties during the flat bread production



Nutrase BG

a crucial element of baguette making is the incision just before baking and the effect thereof on loaf volume and visual appearance of the baked product. Nutrase BG is specifically developed to maximize dough stability and to minimize dough shrinking during incision and, hence, to yield baguettes with high loaf volume. Nutrase BG not only improves the baguette loaf volume, it also stimulates the formation of a desired ‘coupe de lame/gringe’





Flour exported over large distances is often subjected to extreme circumstances (long transit times in humid and high temperature conditions). This can have a major impact on the flour properties and the performance of some improvers. Therefore, we have developed a set of improvers which maintain excellent performance during prolonged storage at elevated temperatures.




Nutrase CPG

Improver specifically designed to improve batter consistency as well as crumb structure and loaf volume of the baked product.




Nutrase FR

The shelf-life of baked products is becoming increasingly important. We have developed a range of products to increase the shelf-life to an extent depending on the product type and the need of the customer.




Nutrase HBF

The demands of home bakers are often less stringent than those of professional bakers. Therefore, we have developed improvers specifically oriented towards the needs of home bakers.




Nutrase PB

Improver specifically designed for pan breads to obtain large loaf volumes and homogeneous crumb structures



Nutrase SF

Using high levels of sugar and/or fat drastically affects the bread making procedure. Nutrase SF is specifically developed for this purpose.