Food Products

Properly designed flour and bread improvers allow the millers and bakers to become more independent on wheat quality and to drastically boost the flour’s baking performance. Flour and bread improvers typically consists of a complex mixture of several components, such as enzymes and emulsifiers.

A large number of enzymes and emulsifiers are available which under the right circumstances can yield positive effects in baking. However, designing complex enzyme/emulsifier combinations which yield the effects desired by the client requires a high level of expertise and excellence, which is exactly one of the major strengths of our company.


Nutrex develops and commercializes improvers that are tailor made to the specific flour, product type and needs of its clients. We can offer these improvers both as single blends as well as sets of individual ingredients. In addition to these tailor made improvers, we also offer specialties specifically designed for certain applications such as Nutrase BG for baguettes, Nutrase PB for pan breads and Nutrase AF for Arabic and flat breads.