Flour and bread improvers typically consists of a complex mixture of several components, such as enzymes and emulsifiers. Enzymes are proteins produced by living organisms which catalyze a range of biological reactions such as the hydrolysis of starch or arabinoxylan. Emulsifiers are ingredients which contribute to the formation and stabilization of interfaces, for example the gas-liquid interface in a dough. In many applications enzymes are the most cost-effective ingredients available.

There is a vast choice of different enzyme activities that can be used to compensate for variations in wheat flour such as gluten quality, falling number or rheological properties and to meet bakers’ demand such as those related to dough handling and volume. Selection of the optimal mixture of enzymes to yield the effects desired by the client requires a high level of expertise and experience, which is exactly one of the major strengths of our company. Our R&D team has extensive knowledge on the application of enzymes (and emulsifiers) and on possible synergies between the different ingredients, which allows us to compile full service enzyme/emulsifier combinations that make the millers and the bakers life easier. Nutrex can offer these improvers both as single blends as well as sets of individual ingredients.

The choice of the right enzyme combination comes with the application expertise.
The Nutrex R&D team has extensive expertise with the following enzyme activities:


Nutrafresh B

Bacterial amylase

  • Increases shelf life
  • Softens crumb baked product
  • Improves crust color



Nutrafresh M

Maltogenic amylase

  • Delays stalling
  • Increases shelf life



Nutrase AGL

  • Increases baked volume
  • Enhances sweetness
  • Improves crust color



Nutrase BC

  • Mainly for biscuit, cracker and wafer production
  • Reduces dough resistance
  • Improves dough extensibility
  • Reduces water binding capacity to retain crustiness
  • Enhances browning



Nutrase F10

Fungal amylase

  • Correction high falling numbers
  • Boosts the oven rise
  • Increases baked volume
  • Improves crust color



Nutrase HCL

Optimized complexes for specific purposes such as:

  • Enhanced water absorption
  • Improved dough stability and tolerance for e.g. baguettes
  • Improved dough handling in under-hydrated doughs
  • Increased loaf volume for e.g. pan breads
  • Improved extensibility for e.g. flat breads dough





Nutrase HCX


  • Increases baked volume
  • Increases oven rise
  • Improves dough extensibility
  • Improves dough handling properties
  • Fine crumb structure
  • Possible effect on water absorption





Nutrase OX

  • Strengthens the gluten network
  • Increases water absorption
  • Firmer and more stable dough
  • Alternative for chemical oxidizing agents



Nutrase SLX

  • Useful for DATEM replacement
  • Improves dough stability and tolerance
  • Excellent performance in all bread types
  • Increases loaf volume
  • Whiter and fine crumb structure
  • Applicable in very demanding and challenging conditions