The use of emulsifiers is widespread in the baking and to some extend in the milling industry. Emulsifiers are ingredients that contribute to the formation and stabilization of interfaces, for example the gas-liquid interface in bread dough. There is a very vast choice of emulsifiers for use in bread or cereal based systems.

Emulsifiers are often used in combination with enzymes. A large number of enzymes and emulsifiers are available which under the right circumstances can yield positive effects in baking. However, designing a full improver which yields the effects desired by the client requires a high level of expertise and experience, which is exactly one of the major strengths of our company. Our R&D team has extensive knowledge on the application of enzymes and emulsifiers and on possible synergies between the different ingredients, which allows us to compile full service enzyme/emulsifier combinations that make the millers and the bakers life easier. Nutrex can offer these improvers both as a single full improver as well as a set of individual correctors.