A1. Nutrase F10

Nutrase F10 is a high-quality α-amylase from fungal origin

Effects of Nutrase F10 on dough and bread properties:

  • Correction high falling numbers
  • Boosts the oven rise
  • Increases baked volume
  • Improves crust color

A2. Nutrafresh B

Nutrafresh B is an amylase with high thermostability from bacterial origin

Effects of Nutrafresh B on dough and bread properties:

  • Increases shelf life
  • Softens crumb baked product
  • Improves crust color

A3. Nutrase AGL

Nutrase AGL is an amyloglucosidase which breaks down starch into glucose

 Effects of Nutrase AGL on dough and bread properties:

  • Increases baked volume
  • Enhances sweetness
  • Improves crust color

A4. Maltogenic amylase

 Nutrafresh M is a maltogenic amylase

Effects of Nutrafresh M on bread properties:

  • Delays stalling
  • Increases shelf life