Tailor made solutions for your baking needs


Wheat is grown in many parts of the world. Its quality depends mainly on where it is grown, on the agricultural practices and on the weather conditions during harvesting. This variability in wheat quality in combination with availability issues offers a challenging environment for the milling industry which aims to deliver flour of good and constant quality. This is exactly where flour improvers come in. Properly designed flour improvers allow the millers to become more independent of their raw materials and to drastically boost the flour’s baking performance. More and more, a complex combination of quality ingredients, including a variety of enzymes, is needed to compensate for variations in wheat flour (e.g. variations in gluten quality, starch damage, falling number, rheological properties and, thus, baking quality) and to meet bakers’ demands. Clearly, flour improvement is not a ‘one product fits all business’. Just as the flour requirements depend on the product type, also the requirements for flour improvers depend on several factors.

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Therefore, Nutrex develops and commercializes improvers that are tailor made to the specific flour, product type and needs of its clients. Our commitment to deliver our clients with full service products adapted to their specific requirements is reflected in our mission statement, which is to provide ‘Tailor made solutions for your baking needs’. Hereto, we work together with our clients to develop products that take in mind what recipes, process conditions and quality parameters the flour will encounter locally. These tailor made products are typically composed of multiple enzymes and/or emulsifiers and can be used by the client without further adaptations. However, we also understand that flour combinations change regularly and that running a flour mill requires continuous fine tuning based on what wheat samples are available. Therefore, we also provide our customers with individual correctors to offer them the flexibility to make the small changes required locally. Our primary aim is to offer tailor made solutions for the specific needs of our customers which maximizes their success and allows us to grow together.