Tailor made solutions for your baking needs


The continuously changing wheat qualities and availability in the world make flour improvement a challenging environment. More and more, the suitability of perfectly combined quality ingredients is needed to compensate for the variations in gluten quality, starch damage, falling number, rheological properties of the dough and the final baking qualities of the flour.

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bread properties

Flour improvement is therefore not a one product fits all business. Nutrex is focussed on providing improvers that are tailor made to your specific flours and to meet your bakers’ demands. We work together with our clients to develop products that take in mind what recipes, process conditions and quality parameters the flour will encounter locally. Our core specialty is to provide our customers with these tailor made products adapted to your needs and grists that don’t need further adaptations. Besides that we also understand that flour combinations change regularly and that running a flour mill is continuous fine tuning based on what grists you have available. In this regard we also provide our customers with individual correctors to offer them the flexibility to make the small changes required locally. Our primary goal is to work together with our clients to make sure they always deliver optimal flour to their clients.